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Carla, has a background in Early Childhood Education and is deeply passionate about fostering children's growth and development. With experience in early childhood education and as a food safety supervisor, Carla ensures that Decorati's programs are of the highest quality and align with industry standards.

In addition to her role at Decorati, Carla is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial moms through her leadership of Business Mums Society. With a focus on empowering moms to thrive personally and professionally, Carla's leadership extends beyond Decorati to make a positive impact in the community.



Claudia is a passionate Program Coordinator and Facilitator at Decorati. Currently studying high school teaching at university, she brings her academic knowledge and hands-on experience to create engaging learning experiences for children. With expertise in curriculum development and classroom management, Claudia plays a crucial role in planning and executing Decorati's educational programs



At Decorati, we take child safety seriously, but we also believe in keeping things light and enjoyable for everyone involved. That's why we require all adults working or volunteering in child-related roles to have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC). It's like our extra sprinkle of safety glitter! Our team ensures that every staff member and volunteer has their WWCC details verified, and we keep meticulous records to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. We believe that by upholding this requirement, we're not just checking boxes – we're creating a safe and happy environment where children can thrive and have fun. Transparency and accountability are key values for us at Decorati. We want parents and guardians to feel confident that their children are in good hands whenever they participate in our programs. With our WWCC policy in place, we're committed to providing peace of mind and a whole lot of smiles along the way.


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