Healthy Eating Incursions

Training tastebuds

At Decorati, we believe in fostering healthy habits from an early age. Our Healthy Eating program is carefully crafted to inspire and educate children about the significance of food origins, sustainability, and making nutritious choices. Through our program, children learn about healthy eating habits, sustainable food practices, food origins, planting seeds, and exploring a variety of foods.


  • Garden-to-Table Experience: Our engaging program takes children on a journey of discovery, from planting seeds to harvesting fresh produce. Through hands-on gardening activities, children learn about sustainable food practices, where food comes from, and the importance of making healthy food choices. Join us as we cultivate a love for gardening and inspire a lifelong appreciation for homegrown foods
  • Nutrition Education Workshops: Explore the world of healthy eating as children learn about diverse food groups, the benefits of colourful fruits and vegetables, and how to make nutritious choices. Our engaging sessions feature interactive games, taste tests, and exciting cooking demonstrations, fostering a fun and educational experience for all.
  • Healthy Snack Creations: In this interactive STEAM workshop, children will embark on a culinary adventure exploring various fruits, vegetables, and seeds while learning about nutrition and healthy eating habits. They’ll have the opportunity to experiment with different combinations and use toothpicks to build fun and nutritious snacks. This hands-on activity encourages creativity, promotes healthy food choices, and empowers children to become culinary artists in their own right. Get ready for a tasty and educational experience like no other.


  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: Empower children to make informed choices about their diet and nutrition, laying the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Food Literacy: Cultivate food literacy skills as children learn about where food grows, how it is produced, and the journey from farm to table.
  • Sustainability: Instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment by teaching children about sustainable food practices and the importance of reducing food waste.


  • Price starts from $550.00 for up to 30 children.


45 minutes to 1 hour


  • Our experienced facilitator will guide children through each activity, providing a safe, engaging, and educational experience for all participants.

Additional Considerations:

  • Travel fees may apply for locations outside of a 40km radius.

Ready to cultivate healthy eating habits in your students? Contact us today to book Decorati’s Healthy Eating program and empower children to make nutritious choices for a healthier future!


We integrate S.T.E.M Education into our curriculum. Where can you find us teaching Healthy Eating workshops to children?


Integration of S.T.E.M Education: At Decorati, we believe in the power of interdisciplinary learning. That’s why we integrate S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education principles into our Healthy Eating curriculum. Through hands-on activities and experiments, children not only learn about nutrition and healthy eating but also develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific inquiry skills.

Alignment with Educational Frameworks: At Decorati, we understand the importance of aligning our programs with educational standards and objectives. Our Healthy Eating program aligns with the Department of Education’s:

  • Belonging, Being & Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia
  • “My Time, Our Place” framework for School Age Care
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Literacy, Science, Creative Arts, and Mathematics Outcomes

By integrating Healthy Eating into these frameworks, we ensure that our program not only supports children’s physical health but also contributes to their holistic development across various learning domains.

Ready to Learn and Grow? Embark on a journey of discovery and nutrition education with Decorati’s Healthy Eating Incursions! Our engaging workshops offer children a hands-on exploration of food and nutrition, empowering them to make healthy choices for a brighter future. Contact us today to book Decorati’s Healthy Eating Incursions and inspire children to lead healthy and fulfilling lives!

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