Cooking Incursions

Our Cooking program offers children an exciting opportunity to roll up their sleeves and dive into the world of culinary delights! Through hands-on cooking classes, we empower children to create their own snacks and meals in a fun, interactive environment.

Key Features:

  • Hands-On Experience: Engage children in immersive cooking activities where they learn essential kitchen skills and techniques.
  • Creative Snack and Meal Making: Inspire creativity as children whip up their own snacks and meals, fostering independence and healthy eating habits.
  • Interactive Learning: Provide a dynamic learning experience where children explore different ingredients, flavors, and cultural cuisines.


  • Price starts from $550.00 for up to 30 children.


45 minutes to 1 hour


  • Our experienced facilitator will guide children through each cooking class, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience for all participants.

Additional Considerations:

  • Travel fees may apply for locations outside of a 40km radius.

Ready to stir up some culinary fun? Contact us to book our Cooking program and let children unleash their inner chef!


Where can you find us teaching Cooking incursions to children?


Transform your students’ learning experiences with Decorati’s engaging Cooking Incursions.

Our incursions serve as exciting additions to extra-curricular programs, providing students with a unique learning environment beyond the classroom walls.

Partnership Approach: At Decorati, we believe in collaboration. We work closely with educators and teachers to seamlessly integrate our cooking incursions into existing curriculum frameworks. By partnering with educational professionals, we ensure that our sessions complement classroom learning and enhance students’ overall educational journey.

Alignment with Educational Frameworks: Decorati’s cooking program is carefully crafted to align with the Department of Education’s standards, including:

  • The learning outcomes from the Belonging, Being & Becoming framework – supporting holistic development in early childhood education.
  • The “My Time, Our Place” framework for School Age Care – providing enriching experiences outside school hours.
  • Subject-specific outcomes such as Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Literacy, Science, Creative Arts, and Mathematics – reinforcing key learning areas through culinary exploration.

Integration of S.T.E.A.M Education: In addition to promoting creativity and culinary skills, Decorati’s cooking incursions incorporate S.T.E.A.M Education principles. Through hands-on cooking activities, students engage in scientific inquiry, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving, fostering a deeper understanding of S.T.E.A.M concepts in a real-world context.

Ready to spice up your students’ learning adventures? Contact us today to inquire about booking Decorati’s Cooking Incursions for your educational institution!



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