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Kids in the kitchen is a hands-on cooking class to grow healthy bodies and minds.

This program provides inspiration and knowledge for children as young as 2. Early intervention through training taste buds and establishing good eating habits, healthy eating and cooking skills is vital for children.

If children are exposed to a variety of foods and learn about what food does to their body from a young age they will go into adulthood with more positive behaviours, body image, and habits. By learning about healthy foods and drinks, how to prepare foods, and cook with foods, children will boost their confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment as they say “I made it myself”.

Decorati offers cooking incursions at Early Childhood Education Services, Outside School Hours Care Services, and Primary Schools. We also offer workshops for private groups, shopping centres, markets, and events such as birthday parties. In our cooking workshops, we bring all the supplies, materials, and ingredients and handle the cleanup. 

How does our program support positive outcomes for children?

Decorati aligns with the Department of Education :

  • the learning outcomes from the Belonging, Being & Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia
  • the “My Time, Our Place” framework for School Age Care
  • the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education learning outcomes for primary schools

If you would like to know more about our packages and pricing

ELC Cooking Incursion
Primary School Cooking Incursion
OSHC Cooking Incursion

Farm to Plate project – coming soon in 2022.

Farm to plate is an inclusive program for all children to explore farm life, learn where foods come, and cook in the kitchen.

Children and their families will be able to visit local farms to see how foods grow, to better understand the origins of food, have the opportunity to meet the animals that live on the farm eg. collect eggs from chickens, see cows being milked, and feeding the animals. 

Children need to know that food does not only come from a packet or box from the supermarket. 

More details will be coming soon.


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