Art & Craft incursions


At Decorati, we’re dedicated to offering structured incursions that align with the latest educational approaches, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Inspiring Creativity Through Art and Craft:

Our Art and Craft activities are meticulously designed to ignite creativity, critical thinking, and sensory exploration in children. Each session provides enriching hands-on learning experiences that stimulate imagination and promote holistic development.

Art/Craft activities:

  • Nature Mobiles: Children will create captivating mobiles using elements from nature, learning about balance, composition, and design principles in the process.
  • Nature Canvas Painting: Inspired by the beauty of nature, children will express themselves artistically on canvas, honing their painting skills while connecting with the natural world.
  • Leaf Rubbing Adventure: Children will embark on a journey of discovery as they explore the textures and patterns of leaves through the art of leaf rubbing.
  • Twig Sculptures: Using natural materials, children will unleash their creativity by crafting unique sculptures with twigs, fostering their fine motor skills and spatial awareness.
  • Sand Craft: Dive into the sensory world of sand craft, where children explore texture, colour, and form to create intricate designs and sculptures. This tactile activity stimulates the senses and encourages creative expression, providing a unique artistic experience.


  • Stimulates creativity and imagination: Our art experiences encourage children to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and express themselves creatively.
  • Supports cognitive development and problem-solving skills: Through hands-on art activities, children develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and spatial awareness.
  • Encourages social interaction and communication: Collaborative art projects foster teamwork, communication, and cooperation among children, promoting social skills and peer interaction.
  • Promotes sensory exploration and fine motor skills development: Art activities engage children’s senses and help develop fine motor skills, coordination, and dexterity.


Price starts from $240.00 for up to 20 ELC children. Vacation Care rates: Contact us. Travel fees apply if over 40km from West Hoxton, NSW.

Book Now:

Ready to ignite creativity in your early childhood centre, outside school hours care, or vacation care service? Contact us today to schedule an engaging Art/Craft incursion for your children. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing memorable hands-on learning experiences that inspire young minds and promote holistic development.


Where can you find us teaching Arts/Crafts to children?



We’re dedicated to providing innovative, multi-activity-based educational services for children of all ages.

Our signature arts/crafts program inspires and nurtures young minds through hands-on experiences.

Whether you’re an early childhood educator, an OSHC provider, a primary school teacher, a community organisation leader, or an event planner, Decorati has something special for you.

Our engaging workshops cater to diverse learners and align with educational frameworks.

Ready to unlock your children’s creativity? Book now to collaborate with Decorati and create unforgettable arts/crafts experiences.

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