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Decorati is a mobile children’s service offering fun cooking and sensory workshops to children all over the Sydney region. We provide incursions and workshops to Early Learning centres, Schools, Vacation Care centres, Shopping centres, Markets, Clubs, and to private events.

Based on a holistic approach our extracurricular programs are designed for children to explore and develop, to be creative, and to be aware of healthy lifestyles.

Our aim is to provide a safe, fun, exciting environment for children and their families.  Our philosophy is for “children to smile, grow and learn”. 


Children learn through touching, looking, tasting, smelling and hearing. It encourages curiosity, stimulates brain development, encourages language development, enhances problem solving skills and children’s  fine and gross motor skills.

Sensory play provides comfort for anxious or restless children, yes it’s messy but it helps children understand how things feel, such as temperature and textures. “Is it cold, hot? Is it soft, hard, smooth, scratchy? Is it sweet, is it salty?” are some of the questions we prompt the children.

In the Kids in the kitchen sessions we believe it’s so important for children to learn knowledge about where foods come from, what it does to the body and the basics about preparing fresh, nutritious and healthy foods. It gives children lifelong skills to prepare them for adulthood and a positive outlook to choosing healthy food choices.


Current programs on offer are:

Sensory and Kids in the Kitchen incursions

School holiday workshops

Pop-Up Playgroup

Birthday parties and events

Shopping centre and market activations

Corporate events


These programs are ideal for Early Learning Centre incursions, School incursions, and Vacation care centres.