Sensory rice


Sensory Rice – Dive into a world of sensory exploration with our vibrant sensory rice! Handcrafted with care, each container is filled with handmade rice infused with vinegar and food colouring, creating a captivating sensory experience for children.

Sensory play is a wonderful way for children to freely touch, manipulate, and explore, stimulating their senses and fostering important developmental skills. Our sensory rice offers a range of benefits for your child, including:

  • Fine motor development: Encourage precise movements and hand-eye coordination as children manipulate the grains.
  • Sensory stimulation: Engage the senses with rich textures and vibrant colors, providing a multisensory experience.
  • Language development: Encourage descriptive language as children explore the sensory rice and express their thoughts and observations.
  • Imagination and creativity: Inspire imaginative play and storytelling as children incorporate the sensory rice into their imaginative worlds.

Each container contains 220 grams of sensory rice, providing ample material for hours of sensory exploration.

Choose from a variety of colours, including:

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

WARNING: Children should only use these materials under direct adult supervision. Keep out of children’s mouths. Not intended for children under the age of 3 years.

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