Kids cooking workshop


At Decorati we believe, early intervention through training taste buds and establishing good eating habits, healthy eating and cooking skills is vital for children. If children are exposed to a variety of foods and what it does to their body from a young age they will go into adulthood with more positive behaviour, body image and habits. By learning about healthy foods and drinks, how to prepare foods and cook with foods, children will boost their confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment as they say “I made it myself”.

In our workshops, children will have the opportunity to learn practical skills and experiences about what to cook and how to cook it.

Workshop details:

This workshop will be held in my home in West Hoxton. We will be utilising both my kitchen and outdoor pergola area where the children, myself and team assistant/s will enjoy looking at and identifying the various herbs and vegetables I grow.

When: Friday 22nd January 2020 – cancelled

NEW DATE: Friday 9th April 2021

Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

We will be making pizza dough and cooking individual pizzas, decorating 2 cupcakes – 1 with buttercream and the other in fondant icing, making fruit kebabs and a cocktail drink.

Price is $45.00 per child and includes an apron to borrow, a chef hat to colour and wear, all ingredients and recipe cards to follow.

The children eat the food we have prepared at the end of the class and take home whatever is leftover.

This workshop is perfect for children aged over 5+, children aged 4 years and any children will allergies will need to be accompanied by an adult/guardian.  Due to covid restrictions, the limit of adults will be to be minimum.

Class size: 12 maximum



Children will have the opportunity to develop in so many areas, such as:


  • Socially/emotionally– each activity will help children develop pride and confidence in their skills and abilities. 
  • Physically – Chopping, spreading, stirring, pouring and mixing are all cooking skills that help strengthen and develop small muscle control and eye-hand coordination. Children will build knowledge on correct handwashing and how to wash fruits and vegetables.
  • Language Development – Children will learn to follow steps and develop new words and concepts through discussions. 
  • Cognitively – Cooking inspires children’s curiosity, thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Children will develop maths and science skills through measuring, pouring, using spoons and scales.  Children will learn about different types of foods and how much to eat on a daily basis.

Our workshops are conducted by Decorati Owner –  Carla who is a Qualified Early Childhood Educator with Working with Children Check, First Aid Certificate and Food Safety Certification. Team assistants are also on board to help run a smooth workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact Carla.




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