The Founder

When my children were younger, I really struggled to find fun, creative, high quality activities in my area. I used to flick through pages of the “Sydney’s Child” magazine to search the what’s on page, and look for activities that I could take my children to. There was nothing in my area, so I would put my children in the car and drive to the locations, which sometimes were on the other end of Sydney. I just did it, simply because I wanted my children to have the best experiences and something a bit out of the norm.

Being an Early Childhood Educator and wanting more in my career, after having discussions with my husband Emmanuel, I thought, why can’t I start hosting these activities in my area, myself? Why am I literally searching high and low, when I can start something in my local area and see if others will join?

So in 2014, I began the Decorati journey, hosting mobile activities, events and workshops in my local area. Families saw the value and in no time at all, I was getting booked to take my Decorati magic to locations all over Sydney!

I love the fact that I have inspired and helped other young families out there wanting activities for their children too. Food and Child Care studies were always my strongest passions, and I am so privileged I have created a niche business to combine all my passions and loves into an extracurricular business for children.

Through hard work, perseverance and making connections, establishing and growing a team to come on this journey, I know I have created a top notch brand and want you as a parent or teacher to trust what I have built.

So come join the party at Decorati!




  • Art and Craft 
  • Cooking 
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sensory 

All our programs are:

  • suitable for diverse learners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • STEM-based
  • Play-based
  • Language and Literacy based

Align with the Department of Education through the learning outcomes from:

  • the Belonging, Being & Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia
  • the “My Time, Our Place” Framework for School Age Care
  • the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education learning outcomes for primary schools
Our Vision

Our Vision

Provide quality hands-on activities for children in a safe environment

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe children learn best by using their senses as it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways.

Our activities are designed to provide children with hands-on learning, to develop new skills, and to explore new activities thus supporting their cognitive growth, motor skills, problem-solving, and language expression and development. In each session, we provide inclusive, positive, and engaging activities for children.

Our Values

Our Values

  • Professional – We are compliant with the Office of Children Guardian to be a child-safe organisation.
  • Passionate – We are committed to providing quality hands-on activities for children in an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment.
  • People – We support and respect our children, their families, and our clients.





In the media

In the media

On the 10th Oct 2021, ABC News visited Carla at her home to interview her on their news segment. Read the article here

Since the 2020 and 2021 COVID lockdowns, Carla has been creating kits for children to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. The online store provides opportunities for families to purchase Decorati kits and enjoy them at home.

Check out the online store here


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